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501sttimes 6/50

Got in front of a hot forge and smashed some red hot metal with a hammer for the first time ever today.

Thrilling. I am Thor!

100HappyDays 16/100

Today was quite simply - awesome.

I got to drive a 1950s Ferguson tractor, have a go at a forge smithing orange-gold hot metal and spend time with awesome friends. Not only that but on the way home I met some wonderful fellow travellers.

Colin and Nigel told me about a record store they'd visited in Dorchester, Annika and Sarah and I discussed memes and teetotalism and when I went to the loo the stag party surrounding the door offered me a beer, cheered when I emerged from the toilet beaming and bowed and then serenaded me, "You've lost that lovin' feeling" and placed a beer can ring on my finger.

Quite amazing.

Love love love.

501sttimes 2/50

Avocado hummus is yum!

I don't update here very much any more...

Check out my website


made with the help of the most excellent Snow Child / Mizhenka to see what I am up to.

Goodbye glass

"What are you doing?"
"Looking at my reflection in the window."
"How do you look?"
"Like a little ghost"
"When I am alone, I will stand here in the rain and try and catch your reflection"

Step into the...

There was one lightbulb in the tent.

It cast a narrow pool of light below it.

Gosia sat in the lighted circle. Arron sat directly below it and his hair gleamed a golden halo. Pablo sat within the ring of light also. Mary basked beneath it, head back, shoulders forward, eyes closed. David and Katrina whispered to each other their skin glowing beneath its opalescent eye.

I sat in the corner of the tent. In the darkest corner.
Mystery Mania Walkthrough Part 1


Model F8

Pull lever

Hall of Reflection

Pick up pipe
Use it to smash the mirror
Pick up the shard of mirror from the floor
Use it on the laser beam

Training Room

Open cupboard with ! sign on it
You have to play a mini game here - it's one of those slidey puzzles - the thing to do is to stop the current flowing by moving enough black pieces up
Pick up cannonball
Throw it at the land mines

Model F1

Pick up reel from the floor
Place it onto the computer next to the other reel
Plug in the computer
Press the flashing green button
Climb rope


Kick cage for a special award
Pick up stick with hook on
Unroll screen with stick
Pick up candle
Fiddle with gas canister
Place candle under empty flask
Put these flasks into the empty flask in the following order
Blue / Green / Yellow

Black and White Room

Tweak all 3 pipes for a special reward
Turn lever on wall to down position
This will make the TV screens change display
Watch the last display that the screens go to before they all black out
You can replicate the colours of the display by selecting black floorpad for black screen and white floorpad for white screen
Use the floorpads to recreate the last display that was shown before the screens black out
A green light will light up
Turn the lever again and repeat this match the screens game twice
The door will open and you're out!!

Storage Room

Pick up the remote control on the floor
This controls the magnet
Use the magnet to pick up the three metal cubes on the other side of the crack and transport them one by one to your side of the room
When you have cleared these all across use the magnet to pick up F8 and transport him across the crack to the other side of the room


Hammer down the plank that springs up twice to get a special reward
Use the valve on the pipe to turn off the water
Pick up the logs and put them into the fireplace
Pick up the candle
Light the fire in the fireplace
Walk into the fireplace and you will go red with the heat
To cool off go and stand in the puddle of water
This evaporates the water and sends you down the hatch into the room below!


Use the lever on the wall to open the fridge
(You need to move the lever to the icon that looks like a laptop)
Use to long hook to move the dog bowl closer to you
Get the steak from the fridge and place it in the dog bowl
Use the long hook to move the dog bowl back toward the dog
The dog will start eating the steak
Go back to the lever on the wall and move it to the bottom position, this will open the hatch below the dog
Bye bye doggie!
Move the lever back to the fridge open position
Walk over to get the glowing coil thing
Well done! You have found the first part

Back to the Model F1 room for a flashback all about the Inventor

Laboratory again

Mix the flasks in this order, green, yellow, blue to make you tiny enough to walk through the crack in the wall on the right

The Wall

Turn the red valve on the right
This turns the water off
Fetch cheese and put it onto the cork
Go and turn the tap on
While the rat is eating the cheese walk past him and you are onto the
next room

Toy Room

Lots of fun to be had in this room so poke and PLAY with everything!
All you need to do is pick up the little car and place it on the floor,
Next pick up the battery next to the flowerpot and put it into the
remote control
Use the remote to send the car over to the umbrella
The car will hook the umbrella
Use the remote to bring the car back and the umbrella will be dragged
along with it
Pick up the umbrella and leave this room

Workout Room

Build up your muscles by picking up the weight
(if you do this a few times you will het a surprise!)
Punch the punchbag when you are big. this will smash thru the crack in
the wall
You will need to use the remote controls to manoeuvre the trampolines
so you can jump through the hole in the wall.

Roberts Room

This solution involves the light console
Check out the abacus on the flor
You need to match the lights on the light console to the light blue
beads on the abacus
This will stop the electric current
Use the hooked stick to get the teddy bear off the shelf
Pick up the teddy bear
Hand the teddy bear to Robert
You will automatically get the part

The Den

Pick up broken antenna parts on the floor and put them into the antenna base on top of the TV
Plug in TV
Look at light panel on left of the room and light up the lights to match the green dots on the TV

Garbage Room

Pick up the plank
Put it on top of the log
Pick up the remote control
Use it to control the magnet and pick up the metal block
Drop the metal block on the other side of the plank
This will throw you over the gap in the floor

TV Room

Plug in the TV
Put the battery into the car and see what is revealed!
Pull the lever
Tap on the TV screen for a clue!
Pick up the stick
Pick up the rag with the stick
Light the rag in the fire
Hold it up to the smoke alarm
Pick up the dead plant and place it under the drip
Tap in the TV screen again
And we're done here!

Pendulum Room

Pick up hook on a rope
Throw it up to the hook on the ceiling
Attach the magnet to the rope
Pick up a cannonball
Attach that to the magnet
Then select the cannonball to swing it!
When the lever control comes up, pull left 3 times
Then release lever right
It will smash into the door
Repeat swinging the cannonball another 2 times and the door will be smashed open!


Pick up nut
Put it in a steak
Throw steak to dog
Pick up steak and throw it to the hook by the venus fly trap
This will knock the remote control off the shelf
Use the remote control to lift the dog off the floor and into the air!
Pick up the 3rd part
You will be whizzed back to F1


After your chat with F1 jump down into the trapdoor

The Den again!

Back in the Den again but all the action takes part on the right hand side of the room this time
Pick up the silver cube
Place it in front of the bookcase
Pull lever and look at the bookcase
Did you see 3 books lit up?
You need to read these in the following order; Yellow, Blue, Red
The clock will slide across the wall and a key will be revealed!
Get the key and use it in the red lock on the right wall


This is a light up puzzle..you have to figure out the combination to match the display and the floor tiles
Put the cannonball on the left tile nearest to you
Put the red robot's body on the 4th tile from the left


Pull the lever and become magnetised
Pick up the cannonball - it will stick to your face
Pick up the screwdriver
Stand on the scales
The perfect weight! (To open the down hatch that is!)

Hobby Room

You need to restack the cubes in order on the floor pad
You can do this by using the clear metal panel as an extra spot to drop cubes on the floor to organise the cubes so you can get the largest one on the base
You'll know you have it correct as this will activate a lazer!
When you have them all stacked in order pick up the dynamite and put it inbetween the planks in the doorway
Then pull the lever!

Model F3

You have to reassemble the red robot in this room
You can see the template of a robot on the grey panel on the robot's cabinet
Find the wheel on the left hand side of the room and place it in the cabinet above the yellow and black area
Next pick up the body from the table and put that atop the wheel
Pick up the robot head and put that on top of the body
Take the piece of pipe from the table and use it to connect the electric panel to the robot machine (you can see where there is a missing piece!)
Play the swapping tiles game inside the electric panel
Get the blue cells to link to each other from the + to the -
This will activate the red robot who is F3
Talk to her and she will help you pick up the 4th part

Back to F1 for another flashback...


This room takes time..!
You need to get the lasers to hit the letters in the order C, B, A
You have to rearrange the mirrors so the lasers hit the letters and turn them green
Burn the plant to get letter B revealed
You will also have to zap the chandelier before you can hit the letter C
Make sure that you hit the actual red buttons with the letters on!
When you have them all green the door will open!

The Bakery

Take the pipe from the floor and fix the pipe above the oven
Open the oven
Take the logs and put them in the oven
Take the candle from the wall and set the logs on fire
Close the oven door
Get the cork from the bottle
Block the pipe with smoke coming from it
This will redirect the smoke to knock out the big robot
To pass out of the door open the oven

The Lift

Pick up dynamite and light it from the candle
Feed dynamite to the venus flytrap
Pull the lever - this opens the hatch in the ceiling and is very important!
Pick up the hook and attach it to the rope
Throw the rope with hook attached up to the hook on the ceiling
Swing across to the other side of the room
Push lever to start an updraft
Go and get the umbrella and stand on the vent
This will send you up through the ceiling and onto the next!


Pull the left lever for a nasty shock!
Pull the right lever to start the fan up
Pick up the nut attached to the balloon and drop it into the sink
Turn the dial on the left from red to blue and watch it freeze
Pick up the balloon and fill it from the He tank
You will see it float up be blown over the glass tube
Twist the temperature knob back to red
Get the key from the floor
Use it in the red lock
The final part will fall from the ceiling
Pick it up

F1's Room

Jump through the trapdoor on the left to be taken to the Inventor

The Inventor

And the Endgame begins!
Use the control panel and switch to the red swirl
Pick up the broom and set fire to it
Poke the stick through the red portal
Go back to the control panel and switch to the blue swirl
Pick up a cannonball and throw it through the blue portal
Repeat this twice more
Switch back to the red swirl
Go to pick up the teddy bear
Robert will try and laser you but will hit himself!


Enjoy the adorable ending!


The End


The journey of my teeth & jaw operation!

When it all started, back in October 2005 when I went to see the Orthodontist about my bad bite.

My teeth didn't close up at all!

We realised I'd need train track braces and an operation too!!

Red braces
These are my bad teef and braces when I chose red bands

Prior to the operation, they had to include surgical hooks onto my braces...

Close Up Teeth With Pre-Op Braces

And finally, now in November 2009 after the operation, and my train tracks got taken off, I look like THIS!

New smile!

Look! They meet and close properly now.


I remember the day I discovered I could bite Sellotape to break it from the roll. That was wonderful!

I am putting these up because a lot of people find my lovejournal through looking for braces, or orthodontist or jaw surgery tags. It IS worth it if you're browsing here circumspectly or anxiously...!


This day last year

I had my braces taken off ;)



Today I am test driving my new retainers!

New retainers!
These must stay in all the time until December 4th. This is a very important part of the whole process because my teeth will now stabilise and set according to the shape of the retainers!

Every girls "must have" this season!
I also have every girls "must have" accessory this season! A hot pink retainer holder!